El proyecto UTP-RIDDA2 (Repositorio Institucional de documento digitales de acceso abierto), es la integración de varias Plataformas Tecnológicas que permitirán el acceso abierto de documentos digitales de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. Tiene como objetivo centralizar, organizar, gestionar, preservar, estandarizar la producción científica, académica o de cualquier otra naturaleza cultural en formato digital, generada por los miembros de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá que se encuentren dentro o fuera de nuestro territorio. El proyecto integrará El Repositorios Institucional con 6 comunidades: Portal de Revistas UTP, Repositorio de investigación, Repositorio Administrativo, Repositorio Académico, Repositorio Multimedia, Repositorio de Tesis, además incluye la integración de una Plataforma de Perfiles de Investigadores y un Observatorio de indicadores de la producción científica y académica.

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Memorias de Congresos UTP
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Revistas Académicas UTP
  • Study of Seasonal Rainfall Infiltration Via Time-Lapse Surface Electrical Resistivity Tomography: Case Study of Gamboa Area, Panama Canal Watershed 

    Mojica, Alexis; Díaz, Irving; Ho, Carlos; Ogden, Fred; Pinzón, Reinhardt; Fábrega Duque, José; Vega, David; Hendrickx, Jan (2013-12-18)
    The present investigation was focused on the variations in rainwater infiltration experienced by soils of Gamboa zone (Panama Canal Watershed) during various seasons of the year, employing a time-lapse analysis of electrical ...
  • Estimates of Biomass and Fixed Carbon at a Rainforest in Panama 

    Pinzón, Reinhardt; Fábrega Duque, José; Vega, David; Vallester, Erick; Aizprúa, Rafael; López-Serrano, Francisco; Ogden, Fred; Espino, Kleveer (2012-10-03)
    This paper presents an estimation of the quantity of carbon fixed in trees in a one hectare (ha) plot at the Cerro Pelado-Gamboa Hydrology Tropical Observatory, which is located in the province of Colon, Panama. The ...
  • Increase In Simple Precipitation Intensity Index In Panama 

    NAKAYAMA, Keisuke; BEITIA, Carlos; VALLESTER, Erick; PINZON, Reinhardt; Fábrega Duque, Jose; NAKAEGAWA, Toshiyuki; MARUYA, Yasuyuki; ESPINOSA, Jorge; OLMEDO, Berta; KATO, Junko; KOMAI, Katsuaki (2011-09-30)
    The paper describes trends in climate change indices in the Republic of Panama by using long-term meteorological data sets from the Panama Canal and MRI-AGCM. Simple precipitation intensity index from eleven climate ...
  • Hydroclimate projections for Panama in the late 21st Century 

    Fábrega Duque, José; Nakaegawa, Tosiyuki; Pinzón, Reinhardt; Nakayama, Keisuke; Arakawa, Osamu (2013-03-31)
    This work analyzes hydroclimate projections in Panama toward the end of the 21st century by employing the MRIAGCM3.1 model. Understanding the impact of climate change on water resources is fundamental for a number ...
  • Modeling Abiotic Processes of Aniline in Water-Saturated Soils 

    Fábrega Duque, José; Jafvert, Chad; Li, Hui; Lee, Linda (2000-03-18)
    The long-term interactions of aromatic amines with soils are important in defining the fate and transport of these compounds in the environment. Abiotic loss of aniline from the aqueous phase to the soil phase occurs with ...

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